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Investing In Real Estate

As a personal Real Estate agent I have extensive knowledge on the market areas of where to invest and how much money you can earn as a real estate investor here in the Jacksonville area. Teaming up with an experienced realtor/investor makes sense I know what items will need to be done to make money while investing in homes on our first coast. How much money should you spend, well that depends what type of investor you are. Are you looking to hold, meaning buying at a low cost and completing a quick clean up for a rental property? Are you looking to buy as a wholesaler? ( meaning buying and flipping to another investor). Buying to flip and resale. Thats where you must has an expert  and I am experienced as a investor buying and flipping over 27 homes myself here in Jacksonville for a profit. Ask me more about my experiences. I know how to get the home by networking with many local REO agents ( bank agents) to get in good with them and building a working relationship with the REO agents in order to get you the investment property you are looking to purchase. Jacksonville is known as one of the leading investment areas. There are many foreclosures and short sale homes available to participate in the bidding process and get the investment home your looking to buy. I know how to suggest what you need to flip the properties and have the interior design background with savings on products to pass along to you as a investor. Cal me to get you started on receiving a list of Jacksonville Foreclosures, investment properties. ” Lara Is an experienced Investor herself that can help you make the right decision on investing in Jacksonville!

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