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First Time Home Buyers Programs

When beginning a search for home as a First time home buyer you will need to find a Realtor that has the expertise in helping you get the best possible financing options. One of the perks as a first time homebuyer is that IF you qualify, you may be entitled to free money from the government: known as a bond program this helps assist with your downpayment on a home and closing cost!
The first thing that you need to do is let the mortgage company know that  your looking for the bond loan approval to see if you qualify for the down payment assistance. If they don’t participate in the programs ask your Realtor who they would recommend that does the down payment assistance programs. Most bond programs require that you complete an online homebuyer course and the lender definitely needs to know at first contact so that they can structure everything to meet your specific financial needs. Best of all most of these programs are 0% and you never have to repay as long as you keep as a primary residence for at least 5 years. Please ask the lender to confirm as these programs re subject to change.

Good luck!
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