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Get back to the basics:

When I first started in real estate 18+ years ago I remember sitting on the floor at my office and spreading out the local news paper be circling fsbo( for sale by owner) listings to look for my next Client. Hopeful that I could be the one realtor to connect with the persons looking to sell their home. Making that first impression is important when you are meeting a seller to list their home. Always do your research ahead of time being prepared and knowledgable in their neighborhood and their home. Digging the Internet for facts on the home. Have they had any additions made to the home to increase the size? This can effect the pricing of the home, if it is bigger than suggested on the at records.The local city website is a good source to dig around and find out information on the home, for instance any permits pulled for systems i.e.: plumbing, electrical, roofing etc… These all can be effective information to pricing the home correctly. I have list of questions I ask the sellers prior to arrival. Taking good notes will help you get that listing! Once you show up to the property to preview, remember first impressions are lasting impressions, dress the part and always be professional. Listening to the sellers needs. I take notes while walking the property and take notice of things I can suggest for improvements or notes to write up my script once I have got the listing and am putting it in the multiple listing service. Keys words that help you remember the homes features to write about to describe the homes features. This will help pull in interested buyers for the home. Asking the right questions on what their motivation is for selling their home, time frames, payoff information to ensure they meet money needed to close. Don’t forget to calculate in your commission! Here locally- A good rule of thumb for sellers closing cost is approximately 7%. See if the seller has any questions for you, how long you’ve ray may ask you how long you have been in the business, what’s your marketing plan. Be prepared. If you are confident and professional you are sure to get the listing. I love having listings (my motto) List to last! Think about it the more listings with your name out there the more business you can expect to get! This is just one of the old school back to basics tips. I hope helps you in the real estate industry. The days of circling adds in the news paper are over but there are plenty of on line tools you can find sellers looking for a Realtor! Go get that next listing!

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