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By Sprucing up the outside to gain attraction for home buyers. Curb appeal is what brings a buyer to your door and in hopes they want to take a look  at it to considering purchasing as their own. I can’t stress enough to get your house prepared prior to listing your home. Aa a professional real estate agent, I can help you by giving suggestions on what items need to be completed prior to putting up for sale sign in your front yard. I suggest that you get what’s called a WDO (wood destroying organism inspection) first. Eliminating any issues  for any future inspection. Making sure all of the wood rot, if any has been repaired prior to your buyers doing their home inspection. Tidy up the house by stagging it to look like a model house. Of course if you’re living there in the house… one knows is not always easy to keep it in tiptop shape at all times for showings. I recommend sitting out fresh flowers and turning on easy listening music as a background for showings prior to Realtors arriving with their buyers entering to view your home. Also remember to open all blinds to let in as much natural light and turn on all the lights!This always makes your home seem bigger. Declutter anything off the countertops and remove any personal items. ( photos, jewelry, etc…)Most importantly,  You want to get that buyer an idea of what it would feel like with their belongings there and them seeing themselves living there. Your home should sparkle inside and out. Once you have your home stagged  and it is ready for showings the next step is to put it on the market with your professional Realtor!  Make sure that your home is priced right the first time. Your agent should be able to pull comps in your neighborhood to justify what the right price should be to get your home sold quickly!

Once your Realtor has completed putting the house on the MLS ( Mutliple Listing Service)  the showings should begin to bring in qualified buyers wanting to purchase a home. As your agent I will share with 81 + List Hub websites to market your property including listing it on my own professional website at www.larahoffman.com.  I have a extensive marketing plan for each individual home and home seller.

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